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Clinical Psychologist, Spiritual Warrior, Freedom Fighter and Revolutionary. Dr. Witkowski helps those who feel burdened by their cravings and desires to understand  the transformation necessary to heal from the mis-education and the freedom on the other side.


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Hi, my name is Dr. Talia Witkowski and welcome to Re-Educate Humanity.


You're about to discover (1 of many) secrets to overcoming emotional and spiritual "dis-ease" in your life, and how to live the life you deserve.  


I've created FREE weekly zoom calls for you that explain how to overcome any spiritual dilemma - addiction, not running from your true sexual desires, fixing a dying marriage, increasing your health, increasing your wealth, living a life "on purpose"....and much much more! 


Every week we will start with a topic, and then open up the group to anonymous questions to be asked.

Some of the topics we will discuss include:






Within these zoom calls, we will answer questions such as:


* How feelings of shame and guilt effect every aspect of your life - where do they come from and how to overcome them.


* How to better understand what your sexual desires actually are 


* What spiritual tools to use for business prosperity


* Why we have addictions


* How to be happy 

How do the zoom calls work?


Every Sunday and Wednesday (Eastern Standard time) at 7:30 pm, Dr. Talia will talk about a selected topic. Listen and virtually raise your hand and have questions answered. Ask anything you like. The topic will be addressed for 15-20 min followed by time for questions.


Can’t make the scheduled zoom call time? No worries! We will send you a recording of the call straight to your email!


These are FREE calls - Dr. Talia desires to teach others everything I possibly know on these topics, and build a community where people can come and work towards overcoming spiritual issues they've been facing.  This is my passion and calling in life, and would LOVE for you to join us on these weekly calls.


Are you ready to participate in the re-education of humanity and start living a more happy and peaceful life?

  • How to use spiritual tools for financial success

  • Overcoming shame and guilt around sexuality 

  • Why are we really here? What is the point of life?

  • The unifying truths in all religions 

  • Passionate Marriage

  • Fearless living 

  • Stress free living

  • Letting go of pain 

  • A life worth living - spiritual fulfillment 

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