• Dr. Talia Witkowski

Love Fearlessly.

Love is not what you feel from another person. It’s the feeling you feel FOR another person, that opens YOUR heart, and allows you’re love to grow and flow.

That’s what feel so good. Not the other person. The other person is solely a way for your heart to open. Love is a manifestation of time and proximity. Lessen the time and proximity and the love fades. Increase the time and proximity and it grows. Sorry to take all the magic out of “love,” but in truth love is not what we are here for. We are here to fall in love with God, ourselves, and our fellow human beings, which is all God. Oneness. We are all from the same place. Love fearlessly Love flawlessly Love for your souls’ evolution Do not love to receive or possess or to be possessed. Love to love. ❤️

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Clinical Psychologist, Spiritual Warrior, Freedom Fighter and Revolutionary. Dr. Witkowski helps those who feel burdened by their cravings and desires to understand  the transformation necessary to heal from the mis-education and the freedom on the other side.


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