The Re-Education of Humanity is the emancipation of human sexuality for the purpose of our evolution.


Religion teaches us that our strongest God-given urge is wrong and bad, and will send us straight to hell. When we judge ourselves for our sexuality it makes us feel wrong and bad - the impact of that












message on humanity as a whole, since the beginning of time has had a devastating consequence on our mental, emotional and physical wellbeing.


It makes us lie to our fellow human beings, trying to hide who we are and what we want even from ourselves - the people we lie to are just collateral damage.


In turn we feel alone - separate - bad. We feel like no one really know us and if they did, they wouldn't like us very much.


We pretend we are something we are not, lie, get into relationships with people not as ourselves but as who we imagine the other person wants us to be - who we think we should be to please them.

But do you actually want to be like them?

It is exhausting.

Stop the cycle - Feel Feelings. Let go of Pain.

There is a better way though. There is an honest way.


We are not bad for being sexual, we are at our best when we are sexually free. When we acknowledge our desires, cravings and urges. That does not mean fuck anyone and everyone and let those who fall in our wake be their own comforters, it means being aware of what lies within, not judging, but understanding and accepting, and acting upon them if we so desire with willing partners, responsibly.


The truth is the only thing that will set you free.


To thine own self be true.


Then your fellow human beings.


Embrace yourself, your desires, cravings, urges, and passions. Being real will not ruin us, it will evolve us.


Live in truth. Walk Free.




A Revolution to Support the Evolution of Humanity