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Clinical Psychologist, Spiritual Warrior, Freedom Fighter and Revolutionary. Dr. Witkowski helps those who feel burdened by their cravings and desires to understand  the transformation necessary to heal from the mis-education and the freedom on the other side.


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A Revolution To Support The Evolution of Humanity



The Re-Education of Humanity is a new movement by revolutionary freedom fighter Dr. Talia Witkowsk i,  towards the emancipation of human sexuality for the purpose of evolution of our species.


We are a society addicted to pain killers, escape mechanisms, and fear. We hide our real selves most of all from ourselves and wonder why we are not happy.


I will tell you why...


Religion teaches us that our strongest God-given urge is wrong and bad, and will send it straight to hell.


When we judge ourselves for our sexuality it makes us feel wrong and bad and the impact of that message on humanity as a whole, and in us as individuals, has has devastating consequences on our mental emotional and physical well-being.


It is not about sex, it is about honesty, with ourselves first, and our fellow human beings second - this is a place to learn how to be real. New language - new freedom - new happiness.