Religion teaches us that our strongest God-given urge will send us straight to hell. You could be married and faithful and find someone else interesting or attractive - religion would call that, "the seed."


When we judge ourselves for our sexuality it makes us feel wrong and bad and the impact of that message on humanity as a whole, and in us as individuals, has has devastating consequences on our mental, emotional, and physical well-being.


A Revolution to Support the Evolution of Humanity

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When we feel badly about ourselves, we think we deserve to be punished.


We turn to addictions, self sabotage financially, professionally and romantically, and feel depressed, lonely and disconnected - we hide our true selves from those closest to us. If they knew what we really thought and felt and wanted, they would run for the hills, right?


We keep ourselves from our highest good because we feel as if we don't deserve it. 

...but we do...

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The Re-education of Humanity is not about sex, or how to have more of it guilt free, it is about how to use your desire as a tuning fork towards your highest good.


It is about honesty, with ourselves first, and our fellow human beings second. But there is a whole re-education you must receive first...

Free your mind and the rest will follow...

A Revolution To Support The Evolution of Humanity

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There is a force within society that wants us to think we are bad ... there is also a force within us that knows that we are good and deserve love. Which side will you chose? 

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